Acts 20:22(NIV)   “And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there.”

If one looks up the modern definition of “compelled,” it seems to be a rather strong, harsh word.

  •  to cause a person or thing to follow a prescribed or dictated course.
  • to force and usually implies the exertion of physical power or the operation of circumstances that permit no options..
  • applies especially to an act dictated by one in authority
  • implies the use of strength or harsh measures in securing compliance
  • suggests that one is bound to a course of action by physical or moral means or by the operation of compelling circumstances
  • implies the operation of authority, necessity, or moral or ethical considerations

However, it loses some of its roughness in the original Greek.  Yes, still basically says to force, but in a kinder tone; to necessitate, to urge.

I’ve never really felt as if the Holy Spirit “forced” me into an action, but more of a kinder compelling….I felt an urge. But yet isn’t “urging” very much the same? When one urges someone to do something or act in a certain way, it is because one believes it is important.

Discovering this makes me want to listen a little closer when I feel the Holy Spirit speaking. Who am I to judge how important the action is? It may seem trivial to me. However, it must be important for the person to whom the Spirit is compelling me to minister to, share with, listen to, pray for or with, or simply to give a smile.

I know every time I have followed His urging, I have been blessed. My spirits lifted.

Shhhh. Listen closely. Can you hear it…a whispering of grace urging you to minister to someone else, if only to offer a smile? A smile can go a long way in lifting someone’s spirit. Who knows? It may be your own. 🙂


Oh Holy One, thank you for the blessings I have experienced.  Thank you for those who have listened to your whisperings and ministered to me throughout my life. Help me to be obedient to your urging. Show me whom you want me to share your grace with today. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.


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