So here I sit patiently, impatiently waiting.

He first arrived this morning at 7:30. The HVAC service tech is here to repair a unit that was only installed six weeks ago. We exchange good mornings and he sets about his tasks of discerning the problem.

“Check the thermostats first,” I inject, “perhaps it’s user error. We may not have set them properly.” I didn’t want to come right out and say your company sold us faulty equipment.

He checks the thermostats. No. They are set correctly.

“Let me go out and check the unit,” he says. I thinking...”you think?”

He first goes under the house. I guess to see if the duct work has any breaks in it. I don’t know. I’m no HVAC tech. The unit sets outside, not under the house. Soon he comes out and goes around behind the unit. Shortly, I hear expletives, ” $#@$%”, emitting from his mouth. “Sorry for my language Mrs. C.,” he shouts from underneath the window where I sit typing.

“That doesn’t sound good,” I reply, “What did you find?”

“Uh…I’ve got to go get some nitrogen,” he replies. “I usually have some on my truck. But, I don’t this morning. I’ll have to go back to the office.” “Isn’t that how it always is,” I think to myself

“Oh. Okay,” I reply, “How long do you think it will take?”

“Oh…maybe an hour. I have to stop by another ladies house and replace a sensor before I return,” he replies.

I reply, “Oh. Okay. I’ll call my office and let them know I’ll be coming in later than expected.”

So here I sit patiently, impatiently waiting.

He finally returns. Sooner than an hour though, thank goodness. I’ve got work to do!

He tells me he came back here instead of going to the other house first, because his company promised I would be first on their repair list this past Monday. “Thank you,” I reply. But I think, “What happened to Monday? Because I’ve been patiently, impatiently waiting all week.”

He goes around to the unit, then calls to me…”there is no Freon at all in the unit. You remember I showed you that it worked when I installed it?”

“Yes,” I replied” It worked fine then. What happened? I hope it wasn’t damaged by the storm last weekend.”

He replies,” Appears one of the copper fittings was not properly welded, which caused the leak. I’ve only seen that happen a couple of times on smaller units, but this is the first for a 16 seer unit like yours. It happens you know.”

“Well, you can repair it can’t you?” I ask.

“I’m going to try,” he replies. He finds the place that needs welding. Calls me back out again to report his findings and voices his disappointment about the faulty welding. Complains how it should not have happened. Then apologizes for having to waste my time to have it repaired.

I reply that it is no waste of time. Yes it’s inconvenient, but better today when the temp is cool, than on a 100 degree day. He agrees and busily gets to work making repairs.

So here I sit, patiently, impatiently waiting.

I must admit patience is a virtue that I have to work at. The Holy Spirit whispers to me as I am forced to wait. You’ve been too busy this week. You need time to rest in me. He sends me to Jeremiah 29:11-12 from the Message translation

11 I say this because I know the plans that I have for you.” This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future. 12 Then you will call my name. You will come to me and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

I reply,” I hear you Lord.”

So, as I sit here patiently, impatiently waiting to have cool air again, I have time to ponder other whisperings from God this week.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, as I sit here patiently, impatiently waiting, forgive me for my impatience. Forgive me for not giving thanks that I have the luxury of having a heated and cooled home. Thank you for the service tech who came out before business hours to make repairs. Thank you for helping me to patiently wait in my impatience.

Lord, some specials prayer requests have been made known to me this morning. For that one who is struggling with physical pain daily, give her comfort today. For the family whose daughter wants to harm herself, give them the strength to allow healing through the family’s separation as the daughter goes through rehab. For the one who is has been called to a new ministry, give her wisdom to do so with a joy.

Heavenly Father, thanking listening when we come to you. Thank you for providing the “wait” time, just when I needed it. Thank you for the hope I have in you as you work out your plan in my life. In Christ name I pray. AMEN.


3 thoughts on “Patiently, Impatiently Waiting

  1. This verse from Jeremiah was meant for me today. I am still dealing with the grief associated with having to give up Parish Nursing. I’m reminded that God is not finished with me yet. He still has plans for me. I also received an email from our friend Moffitt today reminding me that we are to get together. So thru u and Moffitt (and other things also) I know that I am still useful to God

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